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“The testing enabled me to identify potential honesty issues that were not readily apparent in the standard interview process. Hiring Solutions helped reveal hidden sides of a few smooth talkers. I recommend them for any small business.”

Renee Toporek, Massage Envy Orlando, FL

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“I use the Hiring Suite for all my Sales Associate candidates. I have found that it is a great predictor of the candidate’s sales ability and their level of understanding of Customer sensitivities.”  Gordon Kaufman, Massage Envy SW Florida.

“Without hesitation, I’d recommend using The Hiring Suite.”  Peggy Mitchusson, The Face and Body Day Spa, St. Louis, MO. Click here to view article.

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You’ve probably seen or even experienced the damage one “bad hire” can cause; loss of productivity, lost sales, poor customer service, etc.  Why risk your company profits and reputation with employees who can’t, won’t, or are unable to do the job.

Now you can take the guesswork out of hiring. For as little as $21, our validated assessments used in your hiring system will screen out candidates with low morals, poor work ethic, and personality traits that don’t fit your company culture and job descriptions.

Your online testing program includes customized profiles based on your job descriptions.  It features four EEOC and ADA approved and validated assessments, which measure honesty, integrity, work ethic, sales skills, personality, and aptitude. The reports include profile graphs, oral interview questions, and tips on managing and training your new employee.

So don’t take chances with your next hiring decision, call now to set up your FREE TRIAL!
Join companies like Warner Professional Sales, Boston, MA, Moneta Group, St. Louis, MO, WieseUSA, St. Louis, MO, Technology Partners, St. Louis, MO, Massage Envy, Florida, Cohen Architectural Woodworking, St. James, MO, F.A. Rohrbach, Inc., Allentown, PA, The Face and Body Day Spa, St. Louis, MO, and many more who are using Hiring Solutions’ employee assessments to hire GREAT employees.

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