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Bad Candidates — How Do You Know Who They Are?

June 27, 2011

Hiring Solutions is here to help you simplify your HR process and improve your hiring results! In this space we bring you tips, advice, Do’s & Don’ts and all kinds of valuable information to help save you time, money and headaches with your employee hiring! Please, read on!

Bad Candidates — How Do You Know Who They Are?

A client asked me recently – “Why are so many of my candidates failing the basic employee assessment that measures reliability, work ethic, integrity and attitudes towards drugs?”

These are the people who are unethical, immoral, and untrustworthy and yet never experience any remorse. 

A growing body of evidence suggests that those people are able to disengage their moral compass and consciously forget information that would otherwise limit their inappropriate behavior.  They rationalize what they are doing in a way that lets them off the honesty hook.

These people – white and blue collar – live and work in every system and organization – finance, politics, healthcare and education.  Our society has become inundated by the dishonest and untrustworthy.

That is why so many candidates are distorting (lying) on their assessments.  It gets frustrating when all you want to do is hire a good employee.  But the alternative is worse—hiring a bad employee

So having a good hiring system in place is key to building a good team. It is easy to be influenced by a candidate’s great interview skills, and experience and skills that you need.  The objectiveness of assessments, background checks, and reference checks balance a glowing interview and enable you to screen out those who are unethical, immoral, and untrustworthy even though you can’t tell by looking at them.

The Hiring Solutions Employee Testing program will help you screen out those unethical, immoral, and untrustworthy candidates.  Using The Insure Survey early in the hiring process will immediately screen out bad candidates and save you valuable interview time.  For under $25 you will know if the candidate is lying and their attitudes to substance abuse, integrity, reliability and work ethic on a scale of 1 – 9.

Our customized programs will take you from hiring one new employee to training a whole department or company using validated assessments to provide in-depth, accurate information about personality traits, behavioral style, integrity, work ethic, substance abuse issues, aptitude, and outside and retail sales skills. Contact Hiring Solutions today to see how we can help you solve all your HR problems! Visit our website for more information!

Maryanne Preston
Hiring Solutions, Inc. 
(239) 851-6906
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