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Successful Interviewing Tips

June 9, 2011

Hiring Solutions is here to help you simplify your HR process and improve your hiring results! In this space we bring you tips, advice, Do’s & Don’t and all kinds of valuable information to help save you time, money and headaches with your employee hiring! Please, read on! 

How are your interview skills?

This quarter we are spending time on the components of a timely, effective interview.

Have you ever been in a 2 hour job interview where the interviewer did all the talking?  Did you feel it was a waste of your time? Who did most of the talking?  Did you get the job offer?

A properly planned interview includes several types of questioning techniques, proper timing and proper questions.  Although relying on the interview alone only has a 14% chance of a successful hire, many business owners don’t even take the time to plan the interview with consistent, legal questions that pertain specifically to the job description.  Then they wonder why the employee quit after 2 days.

Planning the interview starts with proper documentation.  Have a written list of interview questions for each type of job in your company.  Create and document your hiring system for each job description and record it in your company manual.

Start a new file for each candidate.  Never write on the resume or job applications.  Use separate notes and checklists to document the candidate’s statements.  Use objective language and factual statements with substantiated opinions.  Document only facts relevant to the interview and direct quotes, never any voluntarily supplied information relating to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability.

In this litigious society, having the proper documentation when/if you have to appear in front of a judge, can turn the tide in a judgment.  Having no documentation at all will always result in a loss in court.

Also, having a hiring system in place streamlines the process and makes it possible to teach and delegate it to others in your company.

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