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Successful Hiring in the European Wax Center

June 8, 2011

Hiring Solutions has Special Pricing for all European Wax Center Conference attendees!

See our coupon below!

Hiring Solutions is your number one solution to all of your human resources needs! We help companies hire better employees, train them  efficiently, motivate and manage them to their highest potential.

Can Your Guest Service Associates  and Wax Associates Sell?

Don’t waste your time and $$ on Guest Service Associates and Wax Associates who can’t or won’t meet sales goals.

Hire right the first time.  Use Hiring Solutions employee assessments to select candidates with strong selling skills who are also reliable, energetic,
outgoing and sales oriented.

The Hiring Suite European Wax Center Test package includes:  

1. The Insure Survey         $21  

    • integrity
    • reliability
    • work ethic
    • attitudes to substance abuse

2. The Sales Plus                        $14 

    • selling skills
    • customer service skills
    • marketing skills
    • motivation
    • organization
    • competitiveness

3. The Johnston Index                $ 7

    • problem solving
    • math
    • spelling
    • vocabulary

Click here to learn about the 4 step hiring process that will reduce turnover.


“I use The Hiring Suite for all my Guest Service Associate and Wax Associate candidates. I have found that it is a great predictor of the candidate’s sales ability and their level of understanding of Customer sensitivities.” Gordon Kaufman, EWC Regional Developer and Franchise Owner – West Coast of Florida

“The testing enabled me to identify potential honesty issues that were not readily apparent in the standard interview process. Hiring Solutions helped reveal hidden sides of a few smooth talkers. I recommend them for any small business.” Renee Toporek, EWC Franchise Owner and Regional Developer, Central Florida

Renee Toporek, Massage Envy Orlando, FL

Click here to view more testimonials.

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European Wax Center Conference Special

 10% discount on any order through June 15, 2011


Click here to view more information on how Hiring Solutions can help you now!

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