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Do You Have Problem Employees?

March 8, 2011

A Few Top Reasons for Problem Employees

Every now and then we come across an employee or two that can become a real liability to their employer instead  of  being a valuable asset. I believe there are a number of fairly simple reasons behind this common problem. Sometimes, the employee is the main issue and sometimes the work environment can contribute to his or her lack of productivity. Today, I would like to share with you some common causes that would contribute to a normal employee taking a turn for the worst and not producing as much as he or she should for the company or organization. 

Studies show that stress and extreme pressure over long periods of time, within the work environment, are main reasons for an employee to work at a less than desirable levels. Think about the times when you have felt overwhelmed and overworked. How do you feel at that moment? Are you able to “give” as much as when you are feeling happy and relaxed? It is normal for an individual to become irritable, uncomfortable and unable to produce what he or she normally would when feeling burdened or overworked. This can especially become an issue when the pressure remains consistent over time. We know that happy people who feel at ease and have a positive outlook about their job tend to give more to their employers. Knowing this helps us understand how increased stress levels can contribute to an overall job dissatisfaction that could, in turn, escalate and result in arguments, errors, issues and even negative relationships between the employer and the employee. The easiest way to avoid this kind of unwanted situation is to insure that your employees are not feeling burdened and overwhelmed by their work responsibilities. One of the ways to do that is to take a good look at each employee and get the most of his or her skills and abilities by delegating to them tasks that fit their specific capabilities.

An unsuitable match between an employee and his or her job position could very well add to the problem in your business. If the job description of a particular employee doesn’t fit their specific abilities or personality type, he or she will not be able to perform at peak levels. When we like what we do, we simply do it better! For example, a person who tends to be shy and introverted will not do as well in a customer service position with large exposure to clients as a “happy-go-lucky people person” might do. Someone that is good with numbers and is very detail oriented or has a shy, quiet personality might do much better behind a desk in the accounting department where they can be a real asset to your company by finding ways to cut expenses and save the company some money. Using their skills and abilities to produce something good for the company will boost their self-esteem and this in and of itself becomes and incentive to give more!

Another reason why employees become a problem in the workplace is a lack of good supervision. A good, dependable leader that can create a positive work environment and offer a good support system to the employees is KEY to a successful company. Employees really need to know they have someone they can come to for feedback, problem solving or support with difficult tasks. A good supervisor that handles a crisis well and makes sound decisions will be able to take stress and worry off the employees and allow them to focus on their specific jobs. A healthy environment in the workplace is created by good management.  

Open communication is another valuable key to creating a good work environment. As human beings we tend to have a natural need for knowledge and information, especially when it comes to direction. Being clear with your employees about your goals and vision as a company helps them understand how they can play an important part in the overall success of the business. If your employees aren’t able to see where the company is headed in both short and long-term goals than they aren’t able to help you reach those goals. Lack of this kind of information can create an environment where the employees have no interest in the company or even a negative impression, which in turn can only bring you negative results. A simple way to insure open communication and clarity within the workforce is to hold monthly meetings where the mission, vision and goals fo the company are openly shared and discussed. Giving praise and recognition during these meetings to employees that have done well at their jobs often creates a natural incentive for the employee to continue doing a good job.  

This brings us to our final yet very important reason; a lack of motivation in the work environment. Employees that aren’t feeling valued and appreciated often become a problem to the company as a whole. A good management team should always recognize the positive efforts and contributions of its team. When people are feeling that they contribute something of value and that value is recognized by their employee they are more likely to feel better about their job and perform at a higher level.

It is very important to understand that the company or organization as a whole plays a significant role in defining the direction of the overall relationship with its employees. When we understand how we can positively impact our workplace we can use that information to take our business to the next level!

Our customized programs will take you from hiring one new employee to training a whole department or company using validated assessments to provide in-depth, accurate information about personality traits, behavioral style, integrity, work ethic, substance abuse issues, aptitude, and outside and retail sales skills. Contact Hiring Solutions today to see how we can help you solve all your HR problems! Visit our website for more information!

 Maryanne Preston
Hiring Solutions, Inc. 
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